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Temporary Fence Range

Strip or block grazing is a vital component in ensuring efficient grassland farming. Portable fencing is central to subdividing fields quickly and easily. TaragateTM brings the best of accessories to this system and extends the range, thereby creating new solutions to old problems.


A reel is an essential requirement for setting up portable electric fences with ease and effectiveness. A geared reel enables this be done with additional speed. The TARAGATE GEARED REEL has a genuine 3:1 ratio considered the benchmark for all Geared Reels. In keeping with our long history of creating products with points of difference, the TARAGATE GEARED REEL does just that. We have improved on this classic by adding several unique features. The TARAGATE GEARED REEL comes with added unique features and a 5 year UV guarantee on plastics (applies to specific farm use only).

Geared Reel | $68.00

  • SPOOL - Strengthened spool molded in a new and improved polymer = extra durability
  • GEARBOX - Genuine 3:1 ratio = speed
  • Designed for trouble free winding and long life
  • METAL PARTS - All coated in high quality Dacromet for long term protection
  • CARRY HANDLE Non-slip plastic fixed with nyloc nut for strength. Hook on carry handled shaped to make more secure when hanging on fence or Tarapost
  • WIRE GUIDE - Patented and attached to the front of the reel for extra strength and stability
  • CRANK HANDLE - Extra long to ensure comfortable and easy winding
  • METAL SPOOL LOCK - Unique and robust spool lock will not fall forward when reeling out fence, gives the user total control
  • INSULATED HOOK - Unique new insulated double hook offers additional smaller hook to snap securely on to fence wire
  • Takes 500m (1640') polywire or 200m(656') polytape

    Wire Guide $6.00

  • Optional replacement wire guide for Taragate Geared Reels
  • Makes winding in of tapes braids & wires easy and tangle free

    Prewound options

    TA064B9 - 400m (1312') $113.50.00

  • Polybraid 9 strand stainless steel conductors
  • The braid has been pre wound to save you time and money

  • TA064T - 200m (656') with tape $92.00

  • 12mm 6 strand stainless steel conductors
  • The wire has been prewound to save you time and money.


    Tarapost $55.00


    Our unique free standing reel anchor simplifies grid grazing, allowing unlimited options when subdividing paddocks.

  • High tensile steel shaft galvanised to last
  • Very easy to tread in
  • Dual purpose attachments for reel and insulhook
  • Totally freestanding, no tieback needed
  • Instantly attach/detach reels
  • Save time - front and back fence simultaneously

    Reel Bracket $29.00


    Corner Post Insulator $6.00


  • For use with our Tarapost (TA034)
  • Heavy duty modified end insulator with wireform attachment
  • Use to create corners and multi strands with Tarapost
  • Provides versatility and options when setting up paddocks for grid grazing
  • A temporary fencing solution
  • Save time - front and back fence simultaneously

    Pigtail Standard $4.00

    TA010 & TA117

  • Powder coated 6.5mm spring steel
  • Extra heavy duty 9mm foot resists bending
  • Streamlined design = less tangling
  • Longer insulator with sealed end = safer use
  • Available in two lenghts
  • Packs 10